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9 Signs You Need to Visit a Physiotherapist!

Physiotherapist in South Delhi

It is a bad notion that physiotherapists find work only with the aged and disabled people. They are
generally associated with an image of a person on a wheelchair or someone who is learning to walk after
some fatal accident. However, with the increasing awareness, people are getting to know that they
include but not limit themselves to old and handicapped people. Instead, physiotherapy treatments can
be useful for anyone with discomfort or any type of injury that might be hindering their performance.
Most of us overlook the slightest discomforts that we experience and get used to it in the process. So
instead of rectifying the reason behind, we end up downplaying the effects that it may be having. This, is
not at all recommended.
You should be aware of some of the simple signs that might be pointing towards a greater problem and
might be the call for you to visit a physiotherapist:

1. Recurring Pain

After any injury, it takes some time for the
affected ligaments to start healing. Some
definite amount of pain is also expected before
one sees it subduing. This pain might generally
last for a couple weeks based on the extent of
injury, before it stops completely.
In other cases, it transforms into chronic pain.
The same pain can recur after sometime and it
becomes recurring. People usually complain
about this type of pain in the neck and lower back.

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You wouldn’t want the problem to escalate, hence a visit to a certified physiotherapist is
definitely recommended. He will help you get an insight into the real reason and proper
exercises will be planned and assigned in the program which will help you get rid of the problem

2. Lack of Balance

Your inner ear has structures, liquids that help to judge and maintain the body balance. Thus,
any type of dysfunction in the ear might result in disorders and the person experiences
symptoms like vertigo, dizziness and an inability to maintain balance.

Once this condition is examined thoroughly by the physiotherapy, he might start what is called a
Vestibular rehabilitation. These include a no of exercises for the eye, head and the neck which
enable your nervous system to make up for the inner ear disorders.

3. Experiencing pain in Desk Job

Work habits and body postures are on a degrade with the increasing working hours. It is not
unusual for people to sit at the same place for few hours. You should know that our body is
designed for mobility and remaining inactive for long periods may present itself with issues like
backache and headache. Furthermore, it can result in cramps and pains in joints, muscles etc.
Hence it is recommended that you take regular breaks and be active for some time of the day.
The workspace needs to set up properly too so as to avoid posture related problems. You can
always consult a physiotherapist and know more about good work habits.

4. Issues with Mobility

One may be so engrossed with the daily routine that he
or she may miss to notice changes in the mobility issues.
The sedentary and hectic lifestyle often results in
decreased flexibility and lack of smoothness in the
A good physiotherapy treatment helps you get back your
flexibility along with strengthening the tissues and the
bones for the overall wellness of the body.

Physio in south delhi

5. Urinating in an uncontrollable manner

Urinary incontinence, also known as involuntary urination is disorder that affects millions of
people worldwide. It is more common among women than in men. This is usually categorized
into two commonly observed disorders. First, you may feel an intense need to pass urine which
can result in urine leakage. In other cases, the bladder may be affected by simple bodily actions
like coughing, sneezing etc.
Several exercises, including pelvic floor exercises can be recommended by the physiotherapist to
help with the condition.

6. Neurological Disorders

In several cases of stroke, the victim’s neurological system is hit adversely, which affects the
coordination and mobility. After a good assessment, a physiotherapy treatment can be chalked
out so that the motor skills can be improved and restored.

7. If Surgery is the Other Alternative

Physical therapy can be of great aid when suffering from an injury. It can help reduce or
eliminate the pain completely, which enables to avoid surgery in some cases. If it can’t be
avoided, then physiotherapy treatment definitely helps to recover faster.

8. Sports Injury

When it comes to sports and sports related injuries,
physiotherapists are the best bet. They not only treat and help
you recover from the injuries by chalking out an exercise
regimen, they also suggest ways in which you can protect
yourself from some of the common sports related injuries.

Best Physio in south delhi

9. Managing Diabetes

A person suffering from diabetes experiences various issues,
for example they often feel sensations in their legs and that
acts as a cause of major worry among the patients. A physiotherapist consult will educate you
about the related problems and ways you can prevent them. Exercise is your best friend if you
are a diabetic, as it plays an important role in managing and optimizing the blood sugar levels in
the body.

With extensive clinical experience, our physiotherapists and fitness experts at Dr Morepen NOW will
advise you and guide you through every step of the physiotherapy treatment. With the help of detailed
assessments, we make sure that you recover to the fullest.

August 2017

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