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Category: ECP Treatment

Heart Treatment Options – Comparison and Results

When it comes to heart problems, people are largely unaware of the various procedures available today. If you or any in your family had “heart attack” or “heart related problems” then the chances are high that you may have already had certain procedures done to help manage the condition. Here are some of the common …

July 2017

ECP Treatment (also known as EECP treatment) for Heart Patients

With the everyday increasing no. of hours spent just sitting and eating unhealthy food, no doubt heart diseases are on a rise. It is on the way to becoming the next epidemic in the country. As of 2015, it was reported that there are roughly 30 million heart patients and two lakh surgeries are being …

July 2017

ECP Treatment For Heart Patients

Alternative to Angioplasty and Bypass: ECP Treatment Out of all the Major threats to our health and well-being, it seems that Heart Disease has been persistently on the number 1 position. Beating even communicable diseases, Heart disease shares a major part of the global burden of lifestyle diseases. It is responsible for about a quarter …

April 2017