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Category: Physiotherapy

Ankle Sprain – Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

What is an Ankle Sprain? An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments which connects the bones of the leg to the foot. These tough tissues have a limited and specific range of motion in which they can be twisted and when they are pushed or stretched beyond that, it results in the tearing …

August 2017

9 Signs You Need to Visit a Physiotherapist!

It is a bad notion that physiotherapists find work only with the aged and disabled people. They are generally associated with an image of a person on a wheelchair or someone who is learning to walk after some fatal accident. However, with the increasing awareness, people are getting to know that they include but not …

August 2017

7 Exercises to Fix that Frozen Shoulder

‘Adhesive Capsulitis’, commonly known as frozen shoulder is a condition while limits the movement of shoulder as it becomes stiff and painful. Due to this, movements can be restricted in some directions. It can develop as a result of injury, overuse or from diseases such as diabetes or a stroke which forms scar tissues. This …

August 2017

Sports Injury Treatment – The R.I.C.E Method

One can’t deny the consequences that any sports injury has on the players. They are painful. You can get side-lined for a good period of time. And no matter what sport you play, it is unavoidable and hence the treatment and the time which it takes. It doesn’t have to be the sports field always. …

July 2017