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Category: Yoga and Stress Management

8 Easy Yoga Poses That Aid Weight Loss

Can yoga help you lose weight? The answer is yes. As long as you practice yoga, get the poses right and keep a healthy diet, it will definitely help in losing the extra weight. If done under the supervision of a yoga expert, yoga can actually get you back in shape but it takes time …

August 2017

Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga for Stress Management In this world of globalization, where there is so much competition, no one can escape from the clutches of tension, stress and anxiety in their lives. You may think that you are doing alright, surviving the work pressure and striking the perfect balance between work, life and personal life. But still, …

June 2017

Benefits of Yoga

  The word yoga is derived from the root word yuj which means ‘to unite’. It’s a way of living that aim towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. “Yoga” helps us maintain a balance of all the three, the physical, mental and the spiritual being of the man unlike other forms of exercises …

June 2017

Life Coaching For Stress Mgmt.

In today’s era of globalization where there is a lot of competition, innovation and change, it is hard for executives in corporate organizations to avoid tension and anxiety in their daily work routine. They are exposed to stress for long periods, which may manifest in the form of ailments like high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, …

April 2017