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ECP Treatment For Heart Patients

Alternative to Angioplasty and Bypass: ECP Treatment

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Out of all the Major threats to our health and well-being, it seems that Heart Disease has been persistently on the number 1 position. Beating even communicable diseases, Heart disease shares a major part of the global burden of lifestyle diseases. It is responsible for about a quarter of the mortality in India. In earlier times, non-modifiable factors like age, gender, family history were mainly responsible for heart disease. But over the past few decades, heart disease seems to have surpassed all these boundaries and now controllable risk factors like diet, physical inactivity and stress largely determine the risk of having a heart disease.

It is therefore important to take care of your heart. The fact that you are young is not a sufficient reason to ignore this health advice anymore. Much of the recent data on heart diseases suggests that people of younger age groups are increasingly suffering from heart related problems and diseases in India.

People in their 20s, 30s and 40s have been getting heart ailments, which was not so some years ago when heart attack was considered to be a problem for the Late 50’s or 60’s. About 12 percent of those experiencing a heart attack in India are now below 40, which is twice as compared to the West. This shift has been prominent and alarming.

Therefore, we can conclude that heart disease is a threat that is to be concerned about no matter what your age or condition. Many doctors recommend that all adults get a heart health screening every year by their primary doctor. This should include a check of blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and height and weight. Your doctor should also be taking an inventory of your cigarette smoking, exercise habits, and nutrition habits every year.

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There are many heart or cardiac diseases such as coronary artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, Arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, etc. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the category which is the most common among these categories. Out of all the 100 million heart patients in India suffering from heart disease, 98% of them suffer from this type of heart disease.

The known cause of this disease is heart blockage. The blockage occurs due to deposition of fats in the coronary arteries of the heart. Procedures which involve cardiac surgery such as Angioplasty, Bypass surgery and stents are considered to be effective as a heart block treatment. But the fact that they are able to only target individual blockages and not the underlying disease makes these treatments not so effective. They simply place a Band-Aid on the symptom.

In order to deal with cardiac diseases such as a CHD, we need to understand an important detail about the causes behind this heart problem. Most people believe that heart problem symptoms occur due to blockage, and the reason for heart attack is blockage in the coronary artery. This is true in some sense but cannot be the foundation for making decisions while considering how to avoid a heart attack.

Heart disease is a systematic, or system wide, illness. Above everything else, it is about impaired blood flow. It is not only about blockages and it is even in most cases not only confined to the heart arteries.

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The logical goal for treating heart disease is therefore not just to bypass a blockage or open-up a blockage in the heart, but to maximize and normalize the blood flow throughout the heart muscle and the entire body, on a systematic level.

There are several ways to improve your blood circulation such as exercise, stretching, massage and a healthy diet, but the most important part is being regular with these. In our modern times, where we are barely able to find time for some basic activities like sleep, these activities being done on a regular basis becomes difficult.

“ECP” which stands for External Counter Pulsation is a non-invasive, device based, outpatient treatment for heart disease which works on the concept of blood flow. In this treatment or therapy, large blood pressure like cuffs are wrapped around the patient’s legs.

These cuffs inflate and deflate in sync with the patient’s heartbeat. What this simply does is, it pushes the blood flowing towards the legs back towards the upper body. Thus, the circulation of the upper body increases, where most of the vital organs of the body lie. Not only does the circulation increase but it also increases the volume of blood flow thus distributing oxygen and vital nutrients in a larger quantity to the heart, brain, eyes, ears and pancreas.

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The heart which is the organ for pumping blood also receives blood in the arteries which leads to formation of newer blood vessels or collaterals. This process which is known as “angiogenesis” which is very beneficial as it increases the regular supply of blood to the heart. This can greatly help in reducing the long term damage to the cardiovascular system caused by unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles of an individual.

Along with the benefits to your heart, “ECP treatment” which is also known as “EECP treatment” is effective against many other health problems as well. Problems and risk of diseases such as Stroke, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Arthritis, Visual Disorders, Hearing Disorders and Tinnitus are known to have reduced significantly in patients undergoing “ECP treatment” or “ECP therapy”.

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“ECP heart treatment” is therefore effective for improving your lifespan as well. Heart, the organ which beats continuously without any breaks to pump blood in your body is the only functional factor which cannot be compensated. Thus, improving your heart health would definitely increase your chances of a longer life.

Most people would now ask, “If this treatment is so effective, why is it not replacing the current treatments for Heart disease?” The issue with the “ECP therapy” not being widely used is a simple fact that it is a comparatively new treatment and needs more number of cases for a widespread acceptance in the medical field. “ECP treatment” or “EECP heart treatment” being a US-FDA approved treatment is also completely safe.

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