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Yoga for Stress Management

stressed person, stress management, yoga for stress management

Yoga for Stress Management

In this world of globalization, where there is so much competition, no one can escape from the clutches of tension, stress and anxiety in their lives. You may think that you are doing alright, surviving the work pressure and striking the perfect balance between work, life and personal life. But still, exposure to stress and tension for prolonged periods of time may manifest in the form of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, high/low blood pressure, backaches, spondylitis etc.

If not taken care of, these problems form the basis of major heart diseases too.

“Yoga” is the answer here. Yoga can be used by all, including non-working individuals to heal stress and relieve themselves from tension. It revives the mind, body and the soul, and acts as a complete all-in-one holistic formula for stress management.

It is very possible that you might not have even practiced Yoga or you may have some preconception that is holding you back. We lay here some simple steps so that you can start reaping the benefits of yoga too.

worried man, time management, stress management

1. Move Past the Myths and Preconceptions

It is a misconception that you need to be flexible in order to do yoga. This is completely wrong. Even people who are in their 90’s do yoga and they are happy as unlike the other physical exercises, Yoga focuses on the mind and body connection too instead of just focusing on the physical well-being.

2. Take a beginner’s class

You can always look around for yoga classes which are specifically for beginners or are open classes, where people of all levels can do yoga. It is due to the reason that there are many different styles available and you may want to try different types of classes unless you find what’s the best for you.

For example, Hatha yoga provides a good starting point for all as the “yoga asanas” are gentle and Vinyasa is more athletic and geared towards recovery.

3. Doing it completely right is not important

Many of the people who start out in “Yoga“, complain about how difficult is yoga and the correct postures which they have to maintain throughout the asanas. Sometimes you would also worry about the other person doing it better than you.

Yoga is not about doing it better or worse than the other, it is about how you feel each stretch in your body and how relaxed do you allow yourself to feel during the process.

stress management, yoga for stress management

4. Listen to your Body


Yoga is a deeply person practice and one shouldn’t think that 2 individuals can hold the same pose in exactly the same way. You should work on your own level of flexibility at a rate, in which you feel confident but not overwhelmed. There are times when your body warns you when you are about to get hurt during yoga. The key is to push the limits, but gently. You have to let your body guide you and be your friend.


5. Concentrate on your Breath

Your goal during yoga should be focusing on the breath while doing an asana. Each and every exercise is related with a proper inhaling and exhaling routine, which we work through the poses. One should always breathe through the nose as it keeps heat in the body and keeps the mind focused.

The key to “stress management through yoga” is to concentrate on your breath. It helps to let go of the worries and nagging thoughts.

6. Let go of Competitiveness

The biggest mistake that the beginners make while practicing yoga is that they start to have expectations. You should understand that Yoga” is a process and it is slow. It takes time to find the perfect balance between your body and mind, & even much more time to perfect the breathing technique.

But it is personal and as you start doing it, you will start enjoying the physical movement and the mental benefits that come with it.

dealing with stress, yoga for stress management


Meditation has proven extremely beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety and lowering blood pressure. It also helps in improving concentration alongside creativity. Regular meditation along with Yoga goes a long way in fighting off stress, be it physical, mental or emotional.

Several yoga exercises that include neck and shoulder movements, when practiced with controlled and slow breathing helps relax the neck and upper back. Some stretching practices also include palm and feet, which are known to improve the blood circulation. Having a good and healthy blood flow in our body is important as our body is all oxygen and fluids only. Regular exercises with meditation revitalizes the body and helps us tackle stress and be tension free.

yoga for stress management, meditating girlYoga classes at Dr. Morepen NOW, Hauz Khas, South Delhi are designed to bring about lifestyle changes in you. You will get relief from your medical condition, feel rejuvenated and will have an improved quality of life. Experience a healthier, happier living with reduced anxiety, increased exercise tolerance and more energy.

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