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Ankle Sprain – Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

What is an Ankle Sprain?

An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments which connects the bones of the leg to the foot. These
tough tissues have a limited and specific range of motion in which they can be twisted and when they
are pushed or stretched beyond that, it results in the tearing up of the ligaments. Sprained ankles most
commonly involve injuries to the ligaments on the outer side of ankles.

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This typically happens when you accidently twist
or turn ankle in awkward way. During physical
activity, the ankle may twist when there is
unexpected movement. It is common to see
swelling in the area and you may also find it
difficult to stand or walk properly. This can
happen to anyone who is a little active and
participates in sports etc. Sometimes
inappropriate footwear can also cause injuries.

It is always recommended that you call the physiotherapist in case of spraining the ankle. A good and
professional physiotherapist can study the injury properly and then set a proper course of physiotherapy
treatment for the proper recovery.

What are the symptoms of an Ankle Sprain

Though the symptoms are listed
below it is important to see a good
physiotherapist once so that you may
know the exact issue with your ankle.
It might be a simple sprain or
something severe too.
– Swelling
– Pain
– Stiffness
– Skin discolouration
– Bruising
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A physiotherapist or a doctor will help you determine the extent and the area of the damage. He will
perform a physical exam to know which ligaments got torn. It may involve moving the ankle joint in
various directions to check the range of motion.
To rule out the possibility of fracture be it major or minor, X-ray may also be conducted. To check for
other injuries like serious damage to ligaments, bone chipping etc. an MRI may be done too. These kinds
of tests help physiotherapist to make a proper and complete diagnosis and then come with proper
course of treatment.

How is Ankle Sprain Treated?

Though you may not go to doctor for the treatment, it is always advisable to consult one to prevent further discomfort and recover faster. They are always available with tips and suggestions which you can use to care for that damaged ankle while getting treated for the same. You’d never want to put weight there as it can further worsen the pain and the swelling.
In case of severe injury, you should always go for treatment under the supervision of a qualified professional physiotherapist. But if it is a mild sprain, you can go for home treatment too which might include:
Using Bandages to wrap the ankle
Taking anti-inflammatory pain-killers
Keeping the foot on a pillow so as to increase the elevation
Using clutches
You can also apply ice-packs to the injured area so that the swelling can be brought under control. On the day of injury, it is advisable to apply ice every 1-2 hour, three to five times a day based on the severity of the injury. Once the swelling reduces with time, you can decrease the frequency.

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Most of the cases of ankle sprain are successfully treated using non-surgical methods. And it may take from few days to several weeks to get healed. It is a rule of thumb to not to put weight or pressure on the side of the leg having the ankle sprain.
Surgery is rare but may be inevitable in cases of severe damage. Options include:
Arthroscopy: It is minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damage is performed.
Reconstruction: In this, a surgeon may repair the affected ligaments with stitches. Ligaments and tendons from other part of the body like the foot or ankle are used to repair the damaged ligaments.
After such surgery, one needs to attend physiotherapy sessions to strengthen the ankle. This includes regular consultations with the physiotherapist and taking physiotherapy treatment too.
Major of the cases are not that serious and patients get their ankle sprains healed completely with proper treatment. Though, pain and swelling eventually goes with time, it is always at the greater risk of injury as compared to the one unaffected. Hence you should get the advice from the doctor before proceeding with doing exercises.

How Can I prevent Ankle Sprain?

Risks of future sprains can be lowered by paying attention to the following:
Performing strengthening exercises
Warming up before exercises
Paying attention to surfaces while walking
Slowing down when we feel fatigued
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Even after all, if you don’t feel well, call a doctor right away. When left untreated it can become a cause of life-term pain and instability in the ankle. With extensive clinical experience, our physiotherapists and fitness experts at Dr Morepen NOW will advise you and guide you through every step of the physiotherapy treatment. With the help of detailed assessments, we make sure that you recover to the fullest.
Call us today at 09711552222 to book your appointment!

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  1. This is mostly happens due to wearing high heels, workout, running, twisting your ankle or many more. In this condition your foot get swollen and gives you unbearable pain that you can not walk. Glad to read you as you have explained excellently.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome! I must admit, some of the things you mentioned are what I thought I knew about ankle pain.physiotherapy is also one of the preventions of ankle sprain treatment.Thank you for sharing this type of information.

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